Episode 214 – Chris and Will

The theatre is going gang busters under Betty’s rule and we have not one but two emerging superstars. Christopher Marlowe, top and young William Shakespeare bottom. These guys will revolutionise English story telling and language. We’ll catch up on France where it is still all going wrong and it’s time to say goodbye to Mary queen of Scots.

4 thoughts on “Episode 214 – Chris and Will”

  1. G’day Dick, I hope you’re surviving the (hopefully) brief Qld lockdown. We are well and truly over it in Sydney. A tragedy has befallen us EHFaF fans. A few of us down here have been unable to get Ep 214. A big Ep with Mary’s head coming off and Shakespeare starting to work the room. The website lists it but doesn’t have a download or stream option and it didn’t arrive with the Eps on the podcast app. It just went from 213 to 215. Any chance you could put a link up. I don’t want to go on to 215 in case there are spoilers.



    1. Sorry, Never said I was technically proficient. All fixed (I hope). I love lockdown. Our little formerly sleepy town has become a tourist hub so we go out to drive up and down the main street because in lockdown, we can.


      1. Well worth the enquiry. Great Ep. How the fek was Mary able to say anything after being belted on the back of the head with a faaarken big axe. Tough unit. Cheers


      2. Hey Ian, One thing I’ve found out is that it can be remarkably hard to kill a human. Then other people just trip over, bang their head in the wrong spot and they’re gone.


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