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I really do enjoy a nice bit of history with interests all over the place. English history is one of my favourites and like (I suspect) a lot of people, I’ve a good idea about certain people and times. People like Alf the Great, Hank’s 5 and 8, Betty 1 and that whole mob around the wars of the roses are big names and get plenty of attention. But what about all those other monarchs? Are they deadly dull and boring? Turns out not. So, if you fancy, join me while we go on a linear history of England and find out about the lot of the dear old dead monarchs.


That’s the fact bit – the fiction comes from my love of good historical fiction. As well as histories and biographies, a well researched and written novel can give us extra insight into the lives and times of our historical figures. A historian can write about the mechanics of a shieldwall battle, but I’d rather hear from Bernard Cornwall’s Uthred who will tell me about the fear, the stink and the danger of being in a shieldwall while some hairy Dane is intent on splitting your skull with a rather nasty looking axe. At the end of each episode I will make a recommendation to you for a nice novel to entertain you while perhaps also giving you a decent lesson in history.

 Always happy to hear from you