Episode 129 – Flodden part 2

The Scotties have the largest army they’ve ever assembled. It is well equipped and they have been training their little hearts out on the new invincible Swiss method of killing your enemies. They have the high ground and bloody big guns. To top it off they have handsome brave and strong King Jim 4. Put your money on the Scots to win is my tip.


Episode 128 – Flodden

Dad killer King Jim 4 will have everything he needs. He’s got the numbers, he’s got the terrain, he’s got bigger cannon, he’s got the invincible Swiss tactics. He’s young handsome brave and strong and up against decrepit old Tom Howard. Nothing can go wrong for the Scotties this time surely.


Episode 127 – Henry 8 part 3

Let’s go sailing on the high seas and find out the difference between a pirate, a privateer and a buccaneer. Henry will have lots of hangers oners who like to drink booze and unlike his dear old dad, Henry is up for the stupid foreign wars. He’s likely to get one with dad killer King Jim 4 wanting to do some Pommie bashing. Here’s a buccaneer rock star.


Episode 125 – Henry 8 part 2

Margaret Beaufort will be saying goodbye to us after eating a dodgy baby swan. Catherine will be up the spout then sort of not up the spout – it’s all a bit of a mystery but we will get a son in the end. Henry’s into the fun and games of tournaments. Big daddy Louis of France will go rogue on the Pope. Here’s pictures of our 3 Toms – Wolsey, Cromwell and Tom. All good buddies of our king Henry 8 until they aren’t anymore.


Episode 124 – Henry 8

It’s our magnificent new king Henry leaping into action by executing villians, pardoning nobles and marrying the Spanish chic. We’ll meet his study buddies and his bad boy buddies. The archbishop can rub the super duper holy oil on his manly and very muscular body and we’re in business. Here’s the lad with dad 7 and granny Beaufort.

Screenshot_2020-03-04 The madness of King Henry and four other 'The Spanish Princess' historical observations

Episode 123 – Henry 7 part 9

Leaving our cheery tale will be Duke Phil and sadly Henry himself. Still that will allow those fun loving teens Henry 8 and Catherine of Aragon to get it on. Over in Spain, the heir to Castile, Juana will find herself in a convent thanks to dad Ferdinand. But it’s time for us to get Henry 8’s backstory. Here’s a nice picture of dead Henry 7 and the lovely Betty of York his missus.