Episode 115 – Henry 7 part 4

Pirates are disrupting trade but don’t panic Henry will get the Royal Navy on the case. Happy Chuck of France wants to try his luck belting up Italy. But our big problem is that bloody Perkin Warbeck wandering around calling himself Richard Plantagenet. He wants to be king Richard 4 and we ain’t having that.


Episode 114 – Henry 7 part 3

Mixed bag this week. Toothless mighty hero Sir Ted Woodville will be going down when the Frenchies massacre our brave English boys. Sadly for us, that means Happy Chuck can marry Duchess Anne of Brittany and take Brittany making France great again. Henry will find out just how much we all love paying tax so it will be rebellion. Here’s a picture from a Frenchie waxworks museum of Happy Chuck marrying Anne of Brittany.


Episode 112 – Henry 7

Henry will make a great start with a smooth take over operation. But there are some people who just can’t let the war thing go and want to keep this wars of the roses thing going. On the bright side, we will be getting an heir to the big chair in world record time. Here’s a picture of the happy couple. Must say that queen Betty looks a bit like a serial killer to me.


Episode 110 – Richard 3 part 2

Henry and Jasper are happily being political pawns over in Brittany while Richard is looking to get Queen Betty and girls out of sanctuary. But then in come the Tudors. Here’s a rather dashing Richard with no sign of a hunchback and his missus Anne Neville in The White Queen TV series.