Episode 2 Here’s Claudius and his fun loving Romans

This week we join the brave Claudius as he successfully invades and captures Britannia amazingly quickly. Then he nicks off back to Rome and lets the legions get with a rather lengthy mopping up process. Just as we are all getting quite accustomed to having the Romans running the place, they nick off! Oh dear, this can’t go well.


Hadrian’s Big Beautiful Wall

Here’s a map of the Roman Empire



I’m recommending you have a go at I Claudius by Robert Graves. Either the book or the TV series which may be old but shouldn’t have dated a great deal.

Also, if you want to catch up on what our brave Legate Vespasian has been up to and get a handle on that whole first Judean rebellion, have a go at Soldier of Rome series by James Mace. Ripping Yarn.


This weeks intro was Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony No 7, 2nd Movement Allegretto. And our outro was Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes.


Episode 1 15,000 BCE to 56 BCE

Episode 1 takes us from pre-history Britain through to Caesars couple of visits and his death in 54BCE. Along the way, we find out that indigenous Britons turned up about 15,000 years ago but soon found themselves sharing with Celts and Saxons. The area that is now England had 2-5 cultures and languages and was divided into around 20 kingdoms.

Merry Maidens

The Merry Maidens, Cornwall


Article on Britain becoming an island. “Britain becomes an island”

Timeline Map of Britain from 700BCE to 2016. “Map of Britain”

And a link to the Museum of London. “Museum of London”


Recommended reading this week is Coleen McCullough – Masters of Rome series. Takes you from Gaius Marius all the way to Octavian defeating Marc Antony. Hours and hours of fun to be had reading this lot.

Bonus – if you like a good historical detective, try out Steven Saylor with his Roma sub Rosa series. Our hero Gordianus hangs around Cicero giving the author some real cases to work with.

This weeks intro music was Sarabande by George Handel 1706 and our outro was the wonderful Gin Wigmore with Black Sheep