Episode 12 – Edmund and Eadred

Aethelstan is dead (sad) so it’s time to check out Alfred’s 2 youngest grandsons. But first we check in on Europe and find out they are a bunch of dicks all squabbling. On the plus side, Alfred’s dna is doing really well. Then we find out the men in the north can’t make up their minds whether they want to be in or out of England. It’s all a bit messy.



Episode 10 – Aethelstan

Aethelstan, he’s our man. Not off to a great start – couple of half brothers hanging around, but soon they start to disappear. Aethelstan creates England but doesn’t know that that’s all we want so he keeps going to take over Britain. And in any case, the way he creates England isn’t going to read too well in history books. Fortunately for us he gets into a very large battle so we can have England created then.

Aethelstans tomb. Totally empty and not original. Thanks mad Welsh King.


Episode 7 – Alfred’s Big Show

Alfred has taken on the top job just at a time when the pressure is really on. And things are going pear shaped rapidly. No sign of any hashtag the Great in this episode – Alfred is down to his last burnt cake and in deep excrement.

The Mortuary Chests in Winchester Cathedral – possibly containing Ecgbert and Aethelwulf



Episode 6 – Alfie Alfie he’s our man

The Big Guy is front and centre this week. A recap on his early years, getting to be a Consul of Rome; he proves he is a tough guy in battle, handsome, smart and charming. But he is our underdog against the relentless onslaught of the Danes. So to complete the title, if he can’t do it no-one can.


Here’s a picture I took when visiting Winchester – Alfie country
This weeks intro was George Handel Violin Sonata in D and the outro was The Cranberries Zombie – goodbye Delores, I will miss you