Episode 142 Henry 8 – part 9

We might manage to get through a whole 6 weeks of the life of King Henry and Queen Catharine. It’s the messy divorce trial and Henry will be a bit of a dick. But it’s about yet another character in this sorry little tale. The other, other Boleyn girl Jane Parker AKA Jane Boleyn AKA Lady Rochford. Here’s a picture of the Wolf Hall Jane Boleyn. Does she look a bit nasty? She’s supposed to.


Episode 141 – Henry 8 Groundhog Day

In which we look to get all our fun loving characters to the same time – May 1529. That will allow the Legatine Court of Cardinals Wolsey and Campeggio to get underway and we can try for a divorce. Perhaps our men have underestimated Catherine of Aragon. Here’s a picture of Robert Shaw as Henry and Venessa Redgrave as Anne Boleyn from A Man for All Seasons.


Episode 140 Henry 8 – part 8

We’ll have a look at how Princess Mary is coming along but it’s all about divorce for Henry. Or really Henry has decided that he was not married to Catherine at all. It’s all to do with Leviticus and Deuteronomy so nice and sensible. Here’s a Princess Mary from the TV series Wolf Hall.


Episode 138 – Henry 8 part 7

Let’s open some of Henry’s letters to Anne for a bit of a read. And we can go to parliament which is always a hoot and a giggle. Tom Cromwell will be against foreign wars on the basis that they’re stupid and expensive. Well spotted Tom. Here’s Henry with Mary and Anne Boleyn.


Episode 137 – The Reformation part 4

We’re having problems working out the one is three and three is one thingy with some people wanting it just to be three and others wanting to be one. Martin decides that the magic trick with the bread is real before turning his attention to Muslims and Jews. Meanwhile, Munster is taken over by polygamist Anabaptists. Won’t end well for them as this picture from the German movie Konig der letzten Tage shows.


Episode 136 – Introducing Anne

Off we go hurtling once again into the past this time we’re looking for a sultry wicked temptress who wants to entangle our Henry into a web of sin. That may be difficult because that Anne lives mainly in historical fiction. We’ll have to be content with the historical Anne. But at least we can have a picture of a sultry wicked temptress.